For us, pets are people’s best and most loyal friends. That is why we have been working for years for companies that ensure unbeatable quality in feed and by-products.

Domfesa manufactures different machines that help in the production process of feed and/or meat meal such as:

  • Totally watertight, leak-free and clean double-chain conveyors, avoiding salmonella inside them. These conveyors have an automatic cleaning system that adapts to any customer’s needs. + info
  • We have threads of all diameters, a wide variety of heads and ends to guarantee hermetic transport in any working condition. Our helicoidal screw conveyors are equipped with an anti-wear system designed exclusively by Domfesa to ensure the durability of the machinery. + info
  • Domfesa has sluice gates to regulate the entry of feed or by-product. Our sluices are made of stainless steel and steel. If necessary, we also have very tight sluice gates that maintain vacuum at their nominal working speed. + info
  • The magnet collection hoppers are a very safe way of separating the product from the metal debris that can be found in the production line. + info

All our machines are calculated and adapted to our customers in order to maximise their energy efficiency.