Due to our company’s many years of experience with customers dealing with chemical materials, we are aware of all the restrictions and safety regulations that our machines are subject to. That is why we work tirelessly on the calculation and development of new designs to be always up to date with the current regulations.

Domfesa manufactures different machines that help in the transport of chemical materials:

  • We have conveyors that comply with all current regulations for the transport of chemical, corrosive, explosive substances and by-products that are harmful to health. Our conveyors have a specialised cleaning system to ensure that different materials are never mixed. We also work with materials that produce neither heat nor friction that is dangerous for flammable materials. + info
  • We have totally watertight and clean scrapers so that there can be no contamination between materials. + info

All our machines are calculated and adapted to our customers in order to maximise their energy efficiency.