Industrial machinery and boilermaking company – Domfesa s.l

Domfesa is a company that designs and manufactures INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY and BOILERY with a solid experience in the manufacture of machinery for a wide range of sectors such as: processing/rendering of animal meat by-products, slaughterhouses, animal feed factories, metal and paper recycling, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining, flour mills, agriculture etc… as well as the accessories for them, with a wide range of products: conveyors, presses, elevators, modular belts, hoppers, choppers, distributors, scrapers, loading and unloading options, heavy boilermaking, etc… All in carbon steel , stainless steel or anti wear.

Domfesa has an R+D department that designs, manufactures and researches every day to achieve an increasingly efficient machinery, seeking to guarantee the most suitable design for the specific function it must perform. This department is at your disposal.

We design, calculate, represent and manufacture by means of 3D drawing any type of project. We are specialists in representing factory plants in 3D, being able to visualize the different options that the client has choosing the most optimal one. Thanks to this service the client can ask for an exact evaluation and budget of the work to be done, evaluating details such as risks, heights, necessary cranes, etc.

We collaborate with auxiliary companies in the same sector, which makes our production capacity even greater.

After Sales and Spare Parts Department:

Domfesa has spare parts for each and every one of the different components of each INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY (all of them documented and coded).

We have a wide stock of spare parts and can guarantee a quick replacement of any component.

Once a sale, assembly or repair service has been carried out, we maintain a close relationship with the customer to assess their degree of satisfaction.

We have facilities equipped with modern machinery for the development of cutting, bending, profile bending, punching, machining, development and layout of CALDERERIA, welding in general and transformation of all types of metals.

The personalized treatment to our customers and the level of involvement in the projects in which Domfesa participates is what makes us different.

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