At Domfesa we are deeply committed to research and technological development. Products that are increasingly efficient, sustainable and safe.

Our team develops manufacturing processes, design and innovative industrial machinery, which represent significant advances in quality, efficiency and sustainability for our customers.

With industrialised processes and designs in such a changing world, the vision and pillar on which our team of professionals is based is, without doubt, innovation and excellence.

We adapt to the new functionalities of the technological market, with market studies in the sector that the client needs, diagnosis of the sustainability of the project and viability in all the aspects that are involved in it; only with the purpose of offering completely avant-garde engineering solutions that adjust to the needs that are presented.


DOMFESA, S.L.’s 1GEN-VOLBLU turner has been calculated, designed and manufactured to satisfy the highest expectations of our customers: reliability, safety, resistance and versatility.

A turning machine is a device conceived and designed to speed up, facilitate and improve industrial lifting and loading processes.

This machine has been designed by our R+D+i department to unload boxes of by-products into lorries or spaces duly prepared for this purpose. Both for lifting and unloading. Wirelessly operated, with Domfesa server app, sustainable, durable, avant-garde and safe.

The turning machine is essential to optimise production, facilitate work and increase safety and care in one of the most complex parts of the industry.