Recycle the present to save the future
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Recycle the present to save the future
Chain transport
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Recycle the present to save the future







Domfesa designs and manufactures specialized machinery for

Cintas transportadoras banda plástico

Belt and plastic conveyor belts

They are used as components in production, freight transport, distribution and warehousing chains.

Transportadores liquidos y solidos

Liquid and solid pumps

The liquid and solid conveying system developed by Domfesa. They are very versatile machines as the same equipment can be used in many different places in your processing facilities.

Almacenaje pesaje y dosificación

Weighing and dosing

Dosing hoppers are designed and manufactured for the channelling and depositing of granular or powdered materials, among others.


Ferrous magnet pick-up

Separators prevent damage and wear to your machinery by separating the ferrous materials in the product you are working with.

Roscas helicoidales

Helical threads

Domfesa’s helical conveyors are capable of transporting material from one point to another both horizontally and vertically (candelas), or with degrees of inclination with respect to the horizontal plane.


Slicers - Scrapers

Domfesa’s slats and scrapers are characterized by their ecological and clean design to adapt to all types of machinery. Made of carbon steel and stainless steel.


Gearbox bypass

The Domfesa gearbox bypass is made of stainless steel, carbon steel, anti-wear steel and polycarbonate, which allows total or partial transparency so that the material circulating inside is visible.


Airlocks and Rotary Valves

At Domfesa, we manufacture rotary valves or also called sluice valves. Rotary valves are equipment with two main functions: dosing and mixing the material that passes through it and sluice valves.

Secado y prensado

Drying and pressing. Feather press and hair press

The Domfesa feather press and hair press, of excellent quality, made of stainless steel, is designed to drain a large amount of water from the feather and hair.

Triturado y desmenuzado

Crushing and shredding of bones

Thanks to an industrialised design, Domfesa’s bone crushers have an ergonomic and standardised composition that enables very simple maintenance and replacement of parts.

Transportador de cadena redler

Redler chain conveyor

The chain conveyors are designed to work at a high capacity where foodstuffs must be transported with some care, but without specific care.

Banderas y mástiles Domfesa

Flagpoles and flag accessories

Domfesa flagpoles and flag accessories are manufactured according to the established regulations and meet the strictest quality standards with stainless steel in glossy, matt or painted finish.

Elevadores cangilones Domfesa

Bucket elevators

Our bucket elevators are capable of lifting bulk materials to considerable heights. Manufactured in carbon steel or anti-wear steel.

Secado y prensado

Tanker truck access gangways

The security gangway system designed and manufactured by Domfesa provides absolute security, control, functionality and protection.

Toma de muestras Domfesa


At Domfesa we have developed control systems for industrial sampling processes. These systems include a set of pneumatic-mechanical elements that provide continuous functionality in all manufacturing processes.

Cadena Redler

Redler Chain - Plastic Shovels

The Redler chain is a special chain system which is used for high production situations or where the installation requires a high power output.

filtro de sólidos y líquidos

Solids and Liquids Filter

Domfesa designs and manufactures machinery adapted to the management, transport, storage, channelling, filtering and recycling of all types of materials.

Complementos ensamblados

Assembled complements

The assembled components developed by Domfesa have been designed with numerical control work systems, which facilitates the coupling to modular systems on the market and personalises each of these components.

Chorreado con arena domfesa


Sandblasting is a dry technique used to sanitise, clean, polish or remove traces of paint or dirt. This process can be carried out with different types of sand and at different pressures.

Separador de partículas

Cyclone – Particle Separator

Particle separators are devices used in industrial processes to separate suspended solids.