Feather press

The Domfesa feather press, of excellent quality, made of stainless steel, is designed to drain a large amount of water from the feathers, coming from poultry processing operations that use large amounts of water to move the feathers, after removing them by rubbing.

Continuous operation, designed to work with chicken, goose and turkey feathers. This machine prevents feather fat from clogging up the equipment.

Reduction of 55% of the humidity of the feathers, this translates into significant energy savings in the extraction operations, lower transport costs and elimination of feathers. This is due to the significant reduction in weight by draining a large amount of water from the feathers.

Minimal maintenance and supervision with water pressure cleaning.

Low environmental impact.

Possibility to choose between different models, higher, heavier and more resistant.

Thanks to our numeric control working system we can make special orders, either in shape or in position.

As a result, it is a product manufactured exclusively by us with total security, following the customer’s specifications.