Belt conveyors

Conveyor belts are used as components in production lines, load transport, distribution and storage. A conveyor belt is a continuous transport system that moves between two heads, one with a driving drum and the other with a tensioning drum that usually rotates freely. These transmit the movement of the driving drum using the friction of the belt itself, which is supported by the rollers located between the two drums.

At Domfesa we are known for producing two different types of conveyor belts: belt conveyors and modular conveyors.

Belt conveyors: are very common because they are light, have a long life and wear very little over the years. It is mainly used to transport materials in straight sections. This type of belt is hygienic and easy to clean thanks to its design with side drains.

Modular conveyor belts: require low maintenance, are hygienic and easy to clean thanks to their design with side drains, especially designed for the food industry. They allow almost any size with straight, curved, descending or ascending sections. These types of conveyor belts have a great durability, are resistant to corrosion and abrasion, since they are made of plastic.

We can manufacture belts in different sizes, belt widths and straight sections according to the customer’s needs.