Top quality industrial conveyor belts

Do you need an efficient solution for transporting materials in your factory or industrial plant? At Domfesa we offer a wide variety of conveyor belts for all industrial sectors. We design and manufacture them to measure to provide a solution to all your transport, distribution and storage needs.

Specialists in the manufacture of conveyor belts

We have extensive experience in the manufacture of conveyor belts for multiple sectors. The knowledge acquired over the years allows us to work in a much more applied way. We know what works best and we are able to improve it to optimise the operation of the production process.

Our work consists of integrating design, manufacture and assembly to achieve the perfect transport solution for your factory. Our experience in manufacturing industrial machinery allows us to design conveyor belts for any sector: logistics, food, solids treatment, recycling, automotive, etc.

Tailor-made conveyor belts according to your requirements

We manufacture belts of different lengths, belt widths, inclines and materials according to the customer’s specific needs. We also design and manufacture the chassis, rollers and the rest of the parts so that they adapt perfectly to what you need in your industrial building. In this way, we ensure that the conveyor belt not only fulfils its purpose, but also contributes to improving industrial activity.

Our conveyor machines can be used for a variety of applications, both light and heavy transport. Some of our conveyor belts are used to transport agricultural products, grain, heavy materials (metals, aggregates, minerals) or parcels. In the manufacture of the devices we use belts made of different materials such as PVC, polyurethane, rubber or metal, depending on the type of material to be transported and the environmental conditions of the factory.

Features of our conveyor belts

At Domfesa we produce two types of conveyor belts: belt conveyors and modular conveyor belts.

Belt conveyors

Belt conveyor belts are very commonly used due to their physical properties. They are very light, wear very little and have a long service life. They are mainly used for conveying materials in straight sections, but with a very wide range of inclines and orientations. Belt conveyor belts are also characterised by their hygienic and easy-to-clean design with side drains.

Modular conveyor belts

Modular conveyor belts are specially designed for the food industry. Their modular design allows great adaptability to the required measurements. They can be implemented in both straight and curved sections. They are easily extendable structures that allow long distances to be covered while saving costs. In addition, they can be used for ascending and descending routes.

Modular conveyor belts are highly durable and resistant to corrosion and abrasion, as they are made of plastics that have specific physical properties for the food industry. In addition, like belt conveyors, they require little maintenance, as they are very hygienic.