Dosing hoppers

Domfesa dosing hoppers are designed and manufactured for the ducting and deposition of granular or pulverized materials, among others.

Manufactured according to the required dimensions in carbon steel or stainless steel, depending on the conditions of use to ensure durability and resistance.

Possibility of choosing between different models. We also adapt the hoppers to the customer’s assembly line where it is required, according to the function to be performed.

Loading reception with progressive unloading.

Crossed system for material removal.

Option of cover with hydraulic drive.

Watertight closing by means of a dustproof gasket.

Load and unload control sensors.

Easy maintenance and cleaning.

All the hoppers are CE marked.

Thanks to our numerical control working system we have the capacity to make special orders, either in shape or in position.

As a result, it is a product manufactured exclusively by us with total security, following the customer’s specifications.