Rotary valves are elements of great importance in all types of industries, since they allow the transport and mixing of solid materials to be controlled in a controlled manner. They constitute an essential safety mechanism in a wide variety of machines, devices and plants that work with materials such as powders or grains.

At Domfesa we are experts in the manufacture of rotary valves. We have specialized over the years in the design and manufacture of various industrial solutions. Through our Innovation, Development and Research Department, we manufacture elaborate prototypes to meet the various manufacturing needs.

We manufacture rotary valves in compliance with ATEX regulations, if required; valves with the capacity to load or unload products, achieving a uniform flow and maintaining constant pressure without losses.

Their maintenance is simple, since they can be easily disassembled to clean the contact surfaces of the product without risk of damaging its main structure.

Having the appropriate industrial machinery is essential to improve the productivity rates of any company, as it accelerates production processes while minimizing costs and personnel needs. New technologies and process methodologies have allowed tools to take up less and less physical space and require less maintenance work.

Rotary valves are especially important in all applications where the flow of material must be controlled safely and reliably. Rotary valves are also very useful in industrial processes in which the flow must be regulated precisely.

At Domfesa, through our R&D&I department, we have incorporated a series of advantages to make our rotary valves more complete.

Structure and dosing turbines that withstand friction and continuous use, we generally manufacture our valves with stainless steel, carbon steel or polymers and derivatives, depending on their requirements. These alloys and polymers make them practically resistant to wear, making them an excellent investment.

We produce rotary valves in different sizes and types to meet different uses and needs.

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Rotary valves