Domfesa SL has extensive experience in the manufacture of chain conveyors “redler type” which are used to transport over long distances horizontally or with unevenness a wide range of products (flours, cereals, seeds, granules, powders …)

Our manufacturing system ensures a long operating life in optimal conditions, requiring minimum maintenance; we must also emphasize that they are manufactured in a modular way being easy to assemble. The base modules of the conveyors are: Drive head (equipped with a motor reducer), tensioning section, straight sections and curved sections. By means of these components the customer can design his own machine and by contacting our technical office, we will offer and manufacture the modular machine adapted to his needs.

Domfesa also has components such as bipasses, scrapers, reductions, falls, etc. that adapt perfectly to the measurements of the transport by means of screwed frames, which facilitates the assembly of the whole environment of the project from origin to destination.


The Domfesa conveyors are silent and watertight, preventing spillage of the transported material, as well as external elements coming into contact with the product. Domfesa, according to the needs of the Client designs the most efficient conveyor for the proposed purpose, optimizing its energy consumption.

The conveyors built by Domfesa are also capable of transporting solids and liquids doing the work of an extraction pump in wells, basements where there is mud or sludge and so elevations in areas of treatment plants.

According to the necessary capacity of the material to transport, we manufacture in different sizes : 200, 250, 300 and 400 mm; being able to make the chassis of the same ones in carbon steel or in stainless steel.

Regarding the redler chain, we have several basic types of manufacture according to the genre to be transported and its degree of corrosion: redler chain in carbon steel and redler chain in stainless steel; the blades are made of nylon or temperature; scrapers can be inserted to avoid the accumulation of remains; the assembly of the blades to the links is carried out according to the volumetry and other characteristics of the genre.

Thanks to the experience of many years of testing and research, Domfesa also has a type of double chain redler conveyor designed to transport raw material mixed with bones, greasy materials, skins and materials with high adherence even with mixed liquids.

Another great characteristic of our chain conveyors is that they are capable of separating the liquid from the solid by means of pre-casting sections, making the multi-function of transporting and at the same time separating different components.

Maintenance service

Domfesa also has a maintenance service for these machines, optionally offering the service of periodic revisions so that the client does not have to worry about the day to day and has the guarantee that the machine will always work in the best conditions. In case you do not want to contract this service, you only have to contact our technical office to consult and order any spare part that we will serve you with the necessary assembly instructions.

Domfesa designs, manufactures, supplies and assembles the conveyors at its facilities (turnkey) guaranteeing its products with the “CE” Conformity Certification.