Squeegees have always been essential in the production processes in factories of any kind. The evolution of the different types of sealing systems and new construction materials, together with a team specialised in R&D, have improved and perfected the machinery of the squeegees.Domfesa offers a complete study of the situation and the material to be worked on to ensure its customers get the best results.

There is a wide variety of different types of squeegees available, ranging from the simplest and lightest (manual) to the most complex and high-performance with automatic devices capable of being controlled from any control station. These scrapers can be installed in pet food, chemical, by-product, water management, recycling and waste management and mining factories.

What types of choppers can I find at Domfesa?

ECO Slim model

Specialised scrapers to adapt to the bottom of the conveyors. These scrapers produce a zero difference in level between the blade of the chopper and the conveyor so that no product residue can remain or disturb the passage of the chain.

Basic Model

These squeegees offer a compact and clean design. Although they are not liquid-tight, they offer a high dust barrier. They can be made of steel, stainless steel, wear-resistant and polymers. Basic squeegees are cost-effective, lightweight squeegees.

Estanco model Round

These squeegees offer complete sealing against both liquid and dust and are prepared for connection to any commercial or special flange.

Dosed Semeras

These squeegees are able to dispense into as many outlets as the customer wishes. As they are not totally watertight in liquids, they perform excellently in solids or powders.

Manual model

This is Domfesa’s most economical and simplest squeegee. It is a completely manual chopper for infrequent use.

Special vertical scrapers for liquids

Heavy, specially designed choppers for channels or divisions of liquid materials that cannot come into contact with each other.

Special scraper with non-exit entry mechanism

It can be used as a counter, as it has sensors that count the incoming product.

Special measures squeegee

At Domfesa, they are pioneers in the design and manufacture of extra-large squeegees. Specially designed to prevent clogging and a great reduction of liquid losses with guaranteed semi-tightness thanks to its operation specially designed and developed by the R&D team. It can be manufactured in any diameter requested by the customer and with the technical specifications required.
Domfesa also offers a complete and integrated solution in its own design silos, with a new and revolutionary square silo design, which makes it possible to make better use of space and optimise height, with the same volume.