With the constant advance of technology, manufacturers of industrial machinery have found it necessary to improve and adapt their machinery designs to provide equipment suitable for the advancement of society.

Domfesa has positioned itself through its 32 years of experience as a leading industrial machinery design and manufacturing company throughout Europe at the forefront of sustainable technology.

Quality machinery for factories

Companies for various manufacturing processes require equipment that incorporates the use of efficient and accurate technology in the production of their products. With the idea of providing the right solutions for its customers in a wide range of sectors such as food, mining, recycling, pharmaceuticals, pet food, etc., Domfesa provides a complete procedure to develop each machinery exclusively. Domfesa carries out a complete process to develop each machine in an exclusive way.

Focused on this progress, the company has experts in research, development and innovation to produce increasingly efficient and safe products. For this reason, Domfesa allocates more than 60% of its resources to research and development, facing new challenges every day.

In parallel to this, the company has spare parts for each and every one of the various components incorporated in its industrial machines, which is why its extensive stock guarantees fast and efficient replacement.

Domfesa specialised equipment

While it is true that Domfesa manufactures different machinery adapted to the needs of its customers, the company specialises in processing/rendering of animal meat by-products, slaughterhouses, feed mills, metal recycling, paper recycling, plastic recycling, battery recycling, the chemical sector, pharmaceuticals, mining, flour mills, agriculture. Domfesa’s technical department studies the transport, processing, dosing and storage of solids and liquids. Among the company’s most outstanding machinery, the following stand out:

Plastic compactor and dryer: This is a very interesting machine if you need to press and dry plastic. The plastic compactor and presser is totally controlled by sensors that provide the customer with total control of the processing of the product, being able to regulate the level of pressing at all times according to the needs of each moment.

Double-chain transporters: There is no material that can resist this type of conveyor, be it whole bones of cattle or pigs, guts, skins… They are prepared for the transport of heavy objects and large volumes such as minerals. In short, they are totally versatile conveyors with great durability.

Water pump: The water pumps offered by Domfesa are very different from conventional pumps and the features they offer are much more extensive. Domfesa lifts the water by means of a high-speed blade conveyor. Our water pump can lift water with mud, with liquid products with suspended particles, ensuring the customer a long durability of the pump without breakdowns and with minimum maintenance.

Battery shredders: Nowadays, electrical energy is being incorporated into many everyday objects, which is why Domfesa has opted for the processing of batteries in order to later separate the materials inside and recycle them. We manufacture these types of shredders with exclusive materials that offer the customer the possibility of working 24 hours a day with minimal maintenance.

To make all this information known, Domfesa has a websiteDomfesa cuenta con un sitio web, where they specify the details of each piece of machinery and offer their customers personalised advice on the desired equipment. If you have something in mind and do not know how to do it, contact Domfesa to find solutions, thanks to its wide range of products.