Redler chain conveyor

Chain conveyors are designed to work at a high capacity where food must be transported with some care, but without specific care. During the transport, the products will keep all their physical capacities, so you can forget about the treatment of the product, unless you want to transport extremely delicate materials, which should be transported by other chain transports more specific for each product. For this reason chain conveyors are ideal for transporting bulk goods such as seeds, cereals, etc.

The large capacity in both volume and weight transported, makes it a fundamental piece for the transport of materials in large installations, in which the hoppers, storage tanks and production lines are separated by halls or chambers.

One of the advantages of this type of machinery for transporting raw materials is the number of components that can be adapted to it, such as curves of different degrees, to modify the transport to suit the installation in which it will be assembled and where it will work. Another advantage of using chain conveyors is that they are watertight systems and do not generate dust or suspended materials in the conveying line.

As in Domfesa we care about the quality of the materials used in our machines we give the possibility to choose the type of material between iron, galvanized steel, stainless steel and anti wear steel.

In each transport there is the possibility to personalize the transport with different auxiliary elements of prevision, control, maintenance and security, as it is the case of the registers and other elements, so that it allows to make discharges in any point of its route.

A chain conveyor is composed of frames formed by reinforced plates, welded and screwed together, forming the different modules that make up the transport. In addition, the drive shafts and tensioners are located in the chain heads. The client can assemble the conveyor by choosing the two heads, the length of the straight section that he requires and there is the possibility of choosing a reducer with which he is familiar and at Domfesa we will adapt your reducer to the drive heads.

The client can order any part of the conveyors that interests him and assemble it himself. If you are interested, Domfesa will advise you on the installation. Also, we have an assembly team if you want us to install the conveyor.