When handling bulk materials such as grain, small vertical or inclined pieces, granulated talc, etc., plants require continuous conveying between loading and unloading. Bucket elevators are essential for this, as their operation requires few personnel, has few breakdowns and avoids dust, as well as allowing the transport of materials at high temperatures.
In this regard, the industrial machinery design and manufacturing company Domfesa offers a wide variety of bucket elevator models in steel, carbon steel or wear-resistant steel.

What are the advantages of using bucket elevators?

Bucket elevators, also known as bucket conveyors, have become an essential tool for those industries specialised in the handling, selection and transformation of grain. In addition to reducing the working time of other types of equipment that carry out the same task, these elevators have a high degree of precision, preventing the grains from breaking and allowing a better quality product to be obtained. At the same time, they are designed to lift heavy loads, regardless of the height, being able to continue going up and down without any inconvenience.
On the other hand, they generate considerable savings in money and time in the production process, since working with small and large grains does not require the use of other machinery. Therefore, having a bucket elevator is a necessary investment, as it will result in greater economic and productive benefits in the medium and long term.

Tailor-made bucket elevators by Domfesa

This industrial machinery and boilermaking design and manufacturing company has a long history in the sector, providing solutions for different sectors of the economy. In this regard, it has a research and development department that designs, manufactures and researches to achieve more efficient machinery. Such is the case of its bucket elevators, which provide a fast, economical and sustainable solution for intensive industrial transport.
In this way, Domfesa designs, manufactures and assembles elevators of different sizes, performance and materials, adapting to the needs of each customer. Thus, its products offer excellent watertightness, guaranteeing that there is no loss of material, as well as preventing the accumulation of dirt and leaks. Another aspect to highlight is its modular industrialised design, which allows any worn part to be replaced by a new one, facilitating quick and easy maintenance.
Therefore, to ensure high mechanical performance with low energy consumption, Domfesa bucket elevators are one of the best alternatives available on the market.