The bypass or gearbox is a three-way line with a fabric inlet and two fabric outlets. It is operated by a pneumatic actuator and allows the fabric to be removed from one way or the other as required.

The bypass is a widely used complement in industrial sectors (food, pharmaceutical, by-products,…).

In simple applications without the need for automatic devices, it can be operated manually by means of a lever to change the output position.

Domfesa SL has a wide experience in the design and manufacture of Bypass, being our products of great reliability and achieving a long productive life of them; all this with a minimum maintenance.

Wide range of bypasses

We have a wide range of the same standardized, according to their volumetric capacity (100,200,300,400,500 and 600 mm.)

We can make any type of design and manufacture of non-standard bypass, according to the technical specifications and indications of the Client.


Our gearboxes have a square input (with the possibility of adapting it to a round input) and a set of modular parts that are assembled by means of screws; this fact facilitates their assembly and the possibility of changing individual parts in case of wear or deterioration.

The mechanism of change is driven by a pneumatic actuator; Domfesa installs actuators of the main brands in the market, guaranteeing its efficiency and durability.

With regard to the materials of manufacture of the Bypass

They are made according to the characteristics of the product and the needs of the customer in: carbon steel, stainless steel and anti-wear steel.

We are also specialist manufacturers in the manufacture of transparent bypass by means of AXISVIVAC copolycarbonate modules.

This transparency can be partial (by means of some side combined with the other opaque ones) or total (all the parts of the bypass are transparent). This application allows the vision of the material inside.

On the other hand, we have a wide range of modular elements prepared to complement the bypass and connect it with the rest of the process machinery. Hoppers, cutter reductions, round conversions, conversions with degrees, falls, …

The coupling of the modular complements with the bypass is made by means of screws and installing special silicone gaskets to avoid losses or spillage of the product.

Domfesa SL has Bypass or gearboxes in stock, as well as individualized components of the same in order to guarantee a fast and efficient service in case of needing spare parts of the same.

Consult our web page and remember that we can manufacture special non-standardised elements; if you have any doubts, please contact us.