Slicers – Scraper blades

Slicers are versatile, high quality tools used in industry. Manufactured from carbon steel, stainless steel or other alloys, Domfesa’s choppers and shavers adapt to different types of machinery and offer a sustainable, simple, safe and clean design. With models ranging from basic to special for liquids, pressure, dosing, corrosives, among others. Installation and maintenance is simple.

Slicers are specialised tools used in different industries. They are shovel-shaped mechanisms with the function of opening and closing the passage of a product from different transport systems.

These tools play a crucial role in the processing of food, grain, flour, by-products, liquids, etc. by facilitating the proper flow and distribution of foodstuffs.

Slicers are made of carbon steel, stainless steel or other alloy material, which makes them strong and durable. Their sustainable and clean design makes them a reliable choice for those looking for efficient solutions.

Our industrialised design makes them easily adaptable to a wide range of machinery in any sector. This makes them versatile and efficient in different working environments. Its installation is simple and enables the installation:

Greater versatility: Thanks to their adaptable design, the slit-screw conveyors can be adjusted to different machinery and applications, facilitating their integration into existing systems.

Optimisation of work: Their easy assembly and compatibility with other Domfesa products or existing machinery allows work processes to be streamlined, saving time and resources.

Durability and resistance: Manufactured in carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials, the cutter-scrapers guarantee a long useful life and resistance to adverse conditions, ensuring optimum performance over time.

Replacement and safety service: Domfesa offers an exclusive component replacement service, guaranteeing safety and compliance with customer specifications at all times.

Variety of models: Domfesa offers different models of chopper-scrapers, from the ECO series to the WATERTGHT series, among others. This makes it possible to select the most suitable option for the specific needs of each industry.