Assembly accessories

Assembled accessories

At Domfesa we offer our customers the possibility to choose standardized assemblies and components from our catalogues, in a very wide range of designs, angles, positions, diameters and lengths. In complements such as reducers, levellers, elbows, straight sections, bypasses, revolvers, flushers and modular chain or screw conveyors. We also have an eco range where the components have been designed with sustainable specifications.

These components and configurations allow customers to develop their own assembly kits according to their needs and the product they need to manufacture. These kits are made up of top quality materials, thus guaranteeing the most demanding design conditions proposed by the customer.

The assembled components developed by Domfesa have been designed with numerical control work systems, which facilitates the coupling to modular systems on the market and customizes each of these components to the needs of the customer. This industrialized process of control and design of components relates in an exclusive and safe way the preparation and assembly of the order according to the needs presented by the client. In addition, it enables the assembly of parts in a very agile and simple way.

Thanks to this development and control system, which from Domfesa we apply to our designs, we have a large stock of documented and coded spare parts that guarantee a quick replacement of any component needed.