Bombeo líquidos, sólidos y crudos

Liquid and solid pumps

Domfesa’s liquid and solid pumps are adapted to the customer’s needs and are designed to transport a higher flow rate than conventional pumps.

They are capable of transporting liquid material with a large amount of solid portions over a long distance in a clean and silent way. They operate in a position of inclination with respect to the vertical of 5º to overcome the unevenness of any length.

The design of this machine means that when it is in operation it keeps the raw material in continuous movement inside the container, avoiding large portions of solid seats in the container.

It is highly recommended that it is manufactured in stainless steel, due to the continuous work with water.

This machine is capable of pumping large quantities of material with low consumption, respecting the environment.

It also has an easy maintenance because it is designed in a way that takes into account the day to day work. Always thinking about the needs of the operator responsible for its operation.