triturador de huesos

Bone crusher

triturador de huesos

CE marked volume reduction shredders and shredders. Designs with 2 or more shafts, rotary action, fully customisable by the customer.

The design of the bone crusher developed by Domfesa is characterised by a particular constructive resistance and high production/hour.

Given the configurations developed by our R&D department, the shredding dimensions generated by Domfesa’s crushers and shredders are easily adjustable to the customer’s most demanding needs.

Depending on the needs that the customer presents to our office, designs with different power sources are provided. The bone crushers are equipped with geared motors both with belt drive, which acts as a fuse in case of failure or jamming, and chain drive.

Stainless steel or carbon steel blades. We have different treatments and alloys in the blades of our shredders.

Thanks to an industrialised design, Domfesa’s bone crushers have an ergonomic and standardised composition that enables very simple maintenance and replacement of parts, adaptable to modular systems on the market.