Redler Chain

Redler Chain – Plastic Blades

Cadena Redler
cadena redler domfesa

We are specialists in the calculation and design of industrial transport machinery. Part of the success in the design of transport machines, both for lifting and moving, is due to such fundamental elements as the chain with which the motor torque is transmitted and the blades with which its capacity is dimensioned.

The Redler type chain is a special chain system used for high production situations or where the installation requires high power. Its technical features make the Redler type chain the most recommended technological solution for conveying or elevating granular products.

We have a large stock of Redler type chain in our facilities. We have two configurations of Redler type chain: forged and stainless steel. Depending on the needs and requirements presented to us by our customers, our technical office advises and counsels as to which configuration is the most suitable for their needs. For our chain configurations, we have a series of plastic blades which, depending on the working circumstances, have the mechanical properties best suited to production, such as: hardness, size, detectable or non-detectable structure, ceramic structural configurations… among others.

The study and control of quality is fundamental in the industry. This is why our R&D department has designed a series of transmission systems that make the most of the physical and mechanical performance of the Palas – Redler system.