Screw conveyors

Domfesa’s screw conveyors are modular and adaptable to the customer’s needs. Their quality is excellent and they are designed and calculated to transport large quantities of solid and liquid material.

All the conveyors are modular, so their lengths are totally adaptable in sections not bigger than 3000mm that make their assembly very simple.

Capable of transporting material from one point to another at the same level, and capable of bridging heights thanks to the designs of the inclined conveyors.

The conveyors are designed and calculated with a double inner bottom that allows the transport of the material through the upper or lower part of the double bottom. They are made of stainless steel or carbon steel. Available in 200 and 300 mm widths.

You can assemble the conveyor yourself by choosing the two heads and the length of the straight section you are interested in transporting. Choose the appropriate model according to the required need.

The client has the possibility to choose a reducer with which he is familiar and Domfesa will take care of adapting its reducer to the drive heads.

The client can order any part of the conveyors that he is interested in and assemble it himself. If you are interested, Domfesa will also advise you on how to install it.

Domfesa has an assembly team if you want us to install the conveyor.

Existence of spare parts of all the components.

The tensioner of the conveyors can be located in the front or rear area of the machine.

Our conveyors are composed of the drive heads, the tensioning heads and the sections that join both heads.

The conveyors have for example: standard hoppers, bypass, choppers, reductions etc… you can consult in the catalogues section of the Domfesa website.