Domfesa’s screw conveyors are of industrialised design, that is to say, modular, thus enabling our screw conveyors to be adjusted to the needs of the client and to mimic a very extensive market. Their quality is excellent and they are designed and calculated to transport large quantities of both solid and liquid materials.

All the screw conveyors, or screw conveyors, are modular, of industrialised design; therefore their dimensions are totally adaptable. This fact makes their assembly and maintenance very simple.

Capable of transporting the material from one point to another both horizontally and vertically (candelas), or with degrees of inclination with respect to the horizontal plane, enabling our machines with the ability to save heights and transport the material in adverse conditions.

These modules, and in general the whole conveyor screw assembly, are manufactured in stainless steel or carbon steel, including models in thermoplastic materials or derivatives.

The customer has the option of choosing a gearbox with which he is familiar and Domfesa will adapt this gearbox to the drive heads of the conveyor.

If the customer is interested, Domfesa will provide advice on installation, assembly and maintenance.

We have spare parts in stock for all the components, providing a quick, simple and agile service.

The helical conveyors have, for example: standard feed or discharge hoppers, bypass – gearboxes, cutters, reductions, among others. They can be adapted to the customer’s requirements.