Safe and efficient machines for transport

In the article on ‘Handling of Chemical Materials’, we will address safety regulations in the transport of substances, including corrosive, explosive and noxious substances. Our conveyors, shredders, dosing units, all comply with CE regulations and standards, are designed for easy cleaning and specialised maintenance to ensure heterogeneity of materials. In addition, we work with safe materials for the treatment of flammable substances. Among other products, we have totally sealed and clean squeegees to prevent any type of contamination between materials. Our machines are designed to maximise energy efficiency.

Safety regulations in the manufacturing process of chemical, pharmaceutical and food materials.

Compliance with current regulations on the transport of substances with possible chemical, corrosive, explosive and harmful reactions.

At Domfesa we are committed to strict compliance with all current regulations regarding the industrial processing of chemical, corrosive, explosive and harmful materials. Our machines are designed and manufactured according to the regulations established to guarantee safety in the handling and transport of these materials. Our aim is to offer reliable and safe solutions for our customers in the sector where our machines are needed.

Specialised conveyor cleaning system to prevent mixing of materials

To prevent any kind of contamination or unwanted mixing of chemical materials, our conveyors are equipped with a maintenance system. This system ensures thorough and effective sealing by removing any residues or traces of previous substances before transporting new materials. In this way, risks of unwanted reactions or cross-contamination between different substances are avoided.

Use of safe materials in the transport of flammable materials – ATEX

We know how important it is to guarantee safety in the transport, crushing and dosing of flammable materials. That is why at Domfesa we work with safe materials that do not generate heat or dangerous friction to avoid any type of ignition or explosion. Our machines are designed to minimise the risks associated with the transport of flammable substances, providing peace of mind and confidence to our customers.

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Prevention of contamination between chemical materials

Tight and clean squeegees to prevent contamination

At Domfesa, we understand the importance of preventing contamination between different chemical materials during transport. That is why we offer totally watertight and clean squeegees, specifically designed to avoid any type of unwanted mixing or contamination.

Our squeegees are manufactured from high quality, high strength materials to ensure they are watertight and prevent any accidental leaks. In addition, they have specialised cleaning systems that allow for easy and complete cleaning after each use, eliminating any residue or traces of chemical material.

The use of watertight and clean squeegees not only helps to prevent contamination, but also ensures the integrity of the materials transported, avoiding their degradation or loss of quality. + info: choppers – squeegees

Importance of proper separation between materials

In addition to using watertight scrapers, it is essential to maintain adequate separation between different chemical, harmful or explosive materials during transport. This involves taking into consideration the properties and characteristics of each substance to avoid possible undesired reactions or mixtures.

At Domfesa, we work closely with our customers to ensure that our machines and conveyors comply with the necessary separation measures. This includes the design of compartmentalisation systems and the use of physical barriers, ensuring that each material is transported individually and safely.

Proper separation between chemical materials not only helps prevent contamination, but also minimises the risks of chemical reaction, release of noxious gases or any other incident that could compromise the safety and integrity of the materials and the personnel involved in handling them.

Energy efficiency in chemical materials handling machines

Energy efficiency is a fundamental aspect in the design and development of machines used in the treatment of chemical materials. At Domfesa, we are committed to maximising energy efficiency in all our solutions, providing significant benefits for both our customers and the environment, always on a sustainable basis.

Adapting and calculating machines to maximise energy efficiency

Our team of highly skilled engineers are dedicated to meticulously adapting and calculating each machine to achieve maximum energy efficiency. This involves careful consideration of all aspects of the process, from the selection of materials to the implementation of advanced technologies.

We work closely with our customers to understand their specific needs and customise our machines. We use intelligent design techniques to optimise energy consumption and reduce losses during transport and material handling.

In addition, we implement advanced control and monitoring systems that allow us to adjust machine performance in real time, further optimising energy efficiency and minimising waste.

Domfesa’s experience and commitment in dealing with chemical materials

Extensive experience in safety regulations

At Domfesa, we have a solid track record in the materials handling sector. Over the years, we have acquired an in-depth knowledge of the safety rules and regulations that govern this industry. Our team is familiar with all the restrictions and requirements imposed by the authorities regarding the transport and handling of chemicals.

Thanks to our extensive experience in safety regulations, we can ensure that our machines comply with all legal requirements. We strive to keep abreast of the latest updates in current regulations to ensure that our designs are always in line with the latest standards.

Constant development of up-to-date designs in line with current regulations

At Domfesa, we take our commitment to being at the forefront of material handling machine design and development very seriously. Our team of engineers works tirelessly on the continuous improvement of our designs, always taking into account the regulations and standards in force.

We rely on research and the application of innovative technologies to create efficient and safe machines. We maintain close communication with our customers, listening to their needs, experience and concerns, in order to adapt our designs to their specific requirements.

The constant development of updated designs in accordance with current regulations is fundamental to guarantee safety and efficiency in the handling of chemical materials. At Domfesa, we strive to be at the forefront of the industry and offer quality solutions that meet all legal and regulatory requirements.