Increasingly, people are becoming aware of the environmental problems facing our planet. These environmental challenges are actively affecting water quality, people’s well-being and the sustainability of the planet. At Domfesa we wanted to get involved in the cause and design machinery adapted to the management and filtering of water, with a sustainable character.

Domfesa manufactures different machines that help in the transport, channelling and filtering of water:

  • We have a liquid elevator capable of lifting water with solids and sludge in it. Our lifting system offers our customers safety and efficiency, as they do not have to worry about the common problems of blockages and cavitations. + info
  • We have scrapers and valves from 10 mm diameter up to 3000 mm, totally watertight. If necessary, they are able to regulate the flow rate during the treatment process. + info
  • We have separators for liquids and solids both by means of conveyors and screw conveyors, with the option of customising the final production granulometry. + info enlace 1    +info enlace 2

All our machines are calculated and adapted to our customers in order to maximise their energy efficiency.