In an increasingly urgent way, society is becoming more aware of the environmental problems our planet is facing. These environmental challenges affect in a very active way the well-being of people and the sustainability of the planet. At Domfesa we wanted to get involved in the cause and design machinery adapted to the transport and treatment of raw materials and products with an active LCA.

Domfesa manufactures different machines that help in the transport and processing of plastics, paper, metals, glass, organic matter, etc.

We have shredders available in a wide range of sizes and output granulometries. These shredders are capable of shredding paper/cardboard, glass, organic matter and even metals without any problems. +info: triturado y desmenuzado.

Domfesa manufactures conveyors and reinforced conveyor belts for transporting all types of materials, weights and dimensions. +info: transportador de cadenas redler.

Domfesa has metal collection hoppers with the capacity to separate metal objects from other materials. +info: captación de férricos por imán

Domfesa’s packaging and drainage presses can press paper, cardboard, cans, glass, etc… With a structure based on a helical screw mechanism. Enabling energy efficiency and high performance. +info: prensa de plumas – prensa de pelo.