Our extensive experience in dealing with by-products means that they are often difficult materials to handle. For this reason, we have machinery that makes the management of these materials as simple as possible.

Domfesa manufactures different machines that help in the transport and treatment of bones, guts, meat, skins, hair, etc.  Some of them are:

  • Domfesa has a wide range of shredders with a large inlet section capable of shredding whole pieces of pork, beef… The shredders range in output granulometry from 3mm to 40mm. +info
  • Machines for separating solids and liquids from the desired material. Percolator threads, which are capable of percolating all types of material. + info
  • We have completely watertight scrapers to be able to store materials that are intertwined between them and are not able to go down the mouth of the silos. The 3m diameter chutes allow the material to fall smoothly as there would be no reduction in the silo. +info
  • Domfesa has a specialised conveyor for the transport of material that is difficult to move, such as bones, skins, etc. This conveyor has a completely independent interior cleaning system. +info

All our machines are calculated and adapted to our customers in order to maximise their energy efficiency.